Dark Jokes Are Dangerous

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels.

Yes, they are. That’s why we call them dark. Makes sense?

Having a broken heart is sad. Sometimes the feeling hurts so much like it can’t be handled anymore. For most people, it’s only a normal feeling. It’s getting better afterward.

But we must be aware that for some people, having a broken heart makes them fall into a horrible problem. Some people commit suicide because of a broken heart. It’s not funny at all.

These times dark jokes are almost everywhere. Let’s say a meme implicitly says, “Oh hey, you’re rejected by your crush every time. Pity you. Come on, the world is even fine without you.”.

Most people aren’t facing terrible conditions, so they might be okay. How about the rest of the people? How about the last circumstances? Is there any bad news that makes the joke isn’t a joke?

Do some research. Talk to others, and get enough insights from them. If it’s sensitive, if it’s possible to make things worse, it must be avoided.

On regular days, we think that dark jokes are stupid, and we don’t even will follow them as in our reality. But do you remember that you were doing stupid things as the last choice to fix something?

Didn’t you smack your phone when it took a long time to connect to the internet? Didn’t you punch your mouse or keyboard when your computer was freezing? Didn’t you?

So please keep every joke in its place. Don’t try to put it everywhere. Otherwise, it will be dangerous.

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